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Globus Branching Out For The Earth

Tuesday, Sep 07, 2021 0

In April, the Globus family of brands unveiled the Lighthouse Project: An illuminating initiative created to help travelers come together to reduce our footprint and give generously for the globe’s greater good. Focused on getting even more rooted in its mission to create a culture of care and sustainability, the Lighthouse Project is branching out with a new partnership with Trees4Travel.

As part of this new Trees4Travel partnership, Avalon Waterways will offset the carbon footprint of every guest’s cruise experience in 2022 by donating tens of thousands of trees to Trees4Travel. Through this initiative, the company is placing an emphasis on “Planet” – one of three (3) important pillars representing the Lighthouse Project.

The Globus family of brands Lighthouse Project is focused on three, give-back categories:

  • Planet: The Globus family of brands makes every effort to conserve and preserve in each destination visited. To protect waterways and wildlife and shine a light on organizations that do the same.
  • People: The Globus family of brands is dedicated to protecting, respecting and supporting the extraordinary communities of the world as well as improving the individual lives within them. The measure of success? – The megawatt smiles we see along the way.
  • Places: The parks, palaces, museums and monuments we enjoy today are the result of previous generations passionately committed to preservation. By way of the Lighthouse Project, the Globus family of brands aims to pay it forward so that future generations can enjoy the same glorious places to relax, renew and reflect.

“Our goal with the Lighthouse Project is to illuminate a path for a better tomorrow. Our new partnership with Trees4Travel certainly does that,” said Scott Nisbet, president and chief executive officer for the Globus family of brands. “Working towards the globe’s greater good, we’re shining a light on the need – and opportunity – to offset travel’s carbon emissions by donating trees to be planted on behalf of every Avalon Waterways’ guest in 2022.  We’re also inviting all of our travelers to get involved.”

In addition to donating trees to automatically offset all Avalon Waterways’ cruises, those traveling with Globus, Cosmos or Monograms will also have the opportunity to quickly, easily and impactfully offset their flights and vacations through Trees4Travel via URLs available on each brand’s Web pages. The Globus family of brands is also working with the non-profit organization to offset office facility emissions and staff travel.

According to Trees4Travel, the first 10 years of each tree’s life will supplement travel while the next 140 years of the lifespan of each tree will simply benefit the Earth.

“It’s important for us to explore and experience our amazing world through travel with a thoughtful approach,” said Nico Nicholas, founder of Trees4Travel. “Working with the Globus family of brands – and its guests – to plant trees for travel, we’re helping travelers do their part to create and maintain forests to remove CO2 from the air while restoring ecosystems. It’s a simple, yet powerful act, that will help reverse climate change, creating a safe, sustainable planet for future generations.”

And, while the Globus family of brands is working with Trees4Travel in its offsetting efforts, the company is also committed to creating an environmentally friendly culture across the globe.

“Through our Lighthouse Project, Avalon is charting an ambitious course toward zero emissions and sustainability in every aspect of cruising,” said Nisbet. “Our state-of-the-art fleet of Suite Ships and top-of-the-line technology limit energy, consumption and emissions. Plus, Avalon’s waste and recycling programs reduce our environmental footprint. This is just the beginning. We’re aiming to have the first, fully electric river cruise vessel by 2027.”

For more information about the Globus family of brands’ Lighthouse Project, visit each company Web site at GlobusCosmosAvalon Waterways and Monograms. For more information about Trees4Travel, visit Trees4Travel.

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Littleton, Colorado-based Group Voyagers, Inc. is the privately held company that markets and sells the Globus family of brands within the United States.  Globus, Cosmos, Monograms and Avalon Waterways offer travelers unparalleled tour, independent travel package, river- and small-ship cruise options.  Considered the world’s largest tour operator, with 90 years of international travel experience, the Globus family of brands is dedicated to enriching the lives of travelers by turning foreign destinations into familiar harbors, where the expense of travel is forgotten and replaced by personal value. The Globus family of brands is a proud supporter of The Ocean Cleanup.  Consumers can book a Globus family of brands by calling 1.866.313.2855.  For more information, please visit   Travel advisors can call 1.800.221.0090 or visit

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