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DidaTravel’s global summer hotel bookings close to doubling pre-pandemic levels

Thursday, Aug 17, 2023 0


  • DidaTravel announces hotel bookings surpassing pre-pandemic 2019 volumes by 93% this summer season.*
  • Global ADR (Average Daily Rate) has also increased by 35% YOY and surpassed 2019 level by 7% when comparing the same period.*
  • Return of traveller confidence with increasing booking lead times across all outbound markets globally.


DidaTravel – a tech-driven global travel distribution company – reveals that their global hotel bookings for the summer season (June 1 – August 31) have already surpassed 2019 levels by an impressive 93% increase compared to the same period in 2019.


This surge in bookings signals Dida’s expansion and growth globally as well as the strong recovery of the wider hotel sector, including most recently the APAC region.


Summer Bookings Reach New Heights


When looking at reservations made for the August period through DidaTravel’s platform they have skyrocketed by 214% year-on-year, indicating a strong rebound in travel demand.


Meanwhile hotel bookings in European destinations have witnessed a remarkable 123% increase in reservations year-on-year for the June, July and August arrival period. While hotel bookings for the same period in destinations in the APAC, Middle East & Africa, and Americas have seen growth rates of 68%, 65%, and 16% respectively, contributing to the global recovery.


Average Daily Accommodation Rate (ADR) on the Rise


As a global average, the ADR has increased by 35% year-on-year for the period, surpassing 2019 levels by 7%.


However, APAC and Americas are trailing just below 2019 levels, with ADR year-on-year increases of 55% and 14% respectively.


Nonetheless Europe and the Middle East & Africa have exceeded 2019 levels, with ADR increases of 29% and 23% respectively year-on-year, showcasing a strong recovery in these regions.


Extended Advance Booking Window


With the relaxation of travel restrictions in APAC, travelers are displaying increased confidence to book hotels further in advance – rising to an average of 23 days from just 10 during the same period last year, and even surpassing the average of 21 days in 2019.


However, for other markets whilst the booking window has increased significantly it has still not returned to 2019 levels yet. For example Europe is at 31 days, up from 24 last year but below the 2019’s level of 41 days. Meanwhile Americas is at just 19 days, up from 12 last year but well below the 37 days of 2019. Finally, the Middle East & Africa is at 12 days, up from 8 last year but also below 2019’s level of 18.


Top Summer Destinations


Ranked by accommodation bookings.



Rikin Wu, CEO DidaTravel commented, “As the summer season progresses, the hospitality industry across APAC and worldwide has undergone a remarkable recovery. We are excited to witness such incredible growth numbers, even compared to pre-pandemic. This is testament to the success of Dida’s international expansion strategy as well as the wider rebound in both short-haul and intercontinental travel this summer.


“With the increasing confidence of travelers and the relaxation of travel restrictions in APAC we expect the positive trend in hotel bookings to continue.”


*All figures quoted in this press release are based on DidaTravel’s accommodation booking data for reservations made for the 2023 summer season of June, July and August.


Learn more about DidaTravel

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