Flight attendant caught with loaded gun at airport

Flight attendant caught with loaded gun at airport

Friday, 22 Sep, 2023 0

A flight attendant was arrested for trying to take a loaded gun on a flight.

The flight attendant was detained at a Philadelphia International Airport security checkpoint and the gun was seized.

Authorities haven’t said which airline the Arizona-based employee works for.

She now faces a federal fine.

“We are always on the alert for any possible insider threats,” said TSA Federal Security Director Gerado Spero.

“Flight attendants and workers inside the terminal have insider knowledge and access to areas of the airport that could pose a serious security threat.”

Recently, a concession worker was caught with a firearm as he arrived for work at the airport

“it is equally important that the public is aware that individuals who work at the airport also are not permitted to be in possession of a gun,” the TSA added.

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